This man is dangerous: Greg Renouf

Banned from both Occupy Vancouver and Occupy Toronto, Greg Renouf has been bullying and harassing women organisers in occupy spaces. He has displayed, on many occasions, deeply racist and misogynist behaviour. His behaviour falls into easily recognisable patterns and we believe that he poses a real threat to community safety.

This Man is Dangerous.                                Renouf at Occupy Vancouver.

This blog will document Greg Renouf’s racist and misogynist harassment and intimidation which has occurred over the last several months. However, we will try to conceal the identity of his targets where ever possible, and will not re-publish any of the nastier things that he has said and/or posted to the internet–things like explicitly sexualised derogatory comments about women who he has been harassing.

This post will be updated with hyperlinks shortly, and a whole section on Renouf will be built on this blog page over time.

We encourage you all–strongly, not to let Greg Renouf into any social justice or community organising spaces in your communities. he has already been barred from several organising and social spaces. Let’s help keep each other safe!

  1. Freedom of speech. You may not like what he says, but he has the right to say it. So many things I hear that I don’t like and know are wrong, but everyone has the right to speak their truth…..if not, next it will book burning, and we wouldn’t want that would we?

    *** The right to “free speech” is not the same as the right to intimidate, harrass, and bully. and that purported “right” should not be used as a weapon to protect misogynist and racist behaviour in organising spaces. -@4_Safety ***

  2. Bonnie Dillinger said:

    *** this comment was only approved because we feel that it is emblematic of the types of views held by Renouf’s supporters. emphasis in the comment below added. -@4_Safety ***

    I am sure my comment will go ignored or not posted, thats the way you do things up there. Greg Renouf is NOT dangerous. Hes about the nicest personone could meet out of the majority of you squeegee kids all grown up. I know how dangerous YOUR blac bloc group is. Youre intent is to bring about the NWO, and there will be no journalism career for you. there may be availability for you to breed for the supremecists however. Your word is fodder.

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