This Man Is Dangerous: Greg Renouf (pt.2)

UPDATE: Greg Renouf banned from all Occupy Toronto events
link: Statement Against Greg Renouf, Passed by #OccupyToronto GA, April 9 2012
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Greg Renouf has, since being banned from #OccupyToronto by both the Marshalls’ Committee and the General Assembly (GA), has decided that for some reason the bans are illegitimate and he has declared that he intends to start showing up for GA meetings again. this is a problem.

We also know that Renouf recently attended a workshop put on by Tools For Change (sponsored by the very Ruckus Society that he, as part of his broader conspiracy theory, claims is a shill for the 1%).

Obviously we have not done a good enough job at explaining to people in our communities, the kind of threat that Renouf poses, and how important it is that we not let him into our organising and social spaces.

Here is a new picture of Renouf (as he currently looks), and a link to our original post about him.

This Man is Dangerous: Greg Renouf

We have also been contacted by, not only one or two of his remaining allies, but by a right wing blogger as well, whom Renouf seems to have recruited to his cause. Both his existing allies and this new found friend are all demanding “evidence” be provided of Renouf’s harassment. we still firmly believe that it is more than enough to provide evidence of his behaviour in the form of accusations against him made by women in our community, along with more than a hundred people who have signed on to statements demanding that Renouf be removed from community spaces. that said, we did imply in our original post about Renouf that we would provide more documentation about his misogynist and racist harassment and bullying of community organisers, so here it goes.


Renouf making explicitly sexualised comments about one of his "targets"

this is but one of several comments Renouf has made of an explicitly sexualised nature. we are only including one pic (as proof that he does this), and have removed anything that might incriminate or denigrate his intended target. This type of commenting is derogatory, demeaning, and misogynist, and is emblematic of Renouf’s approach to dealing w women whom he is targeting.

Renouf has, on multiple occasions used rhetorical reference to the once immensely successful and still exceedingly disgusting “Girls Gone Wild” franchise. Below is but one example to prove that he does this. we should not have to explain that to project this reference onto a female target is an obscenely misogynist action, and is an explicit sexualisation of those women whom he is targeting.

Renouf making more explicitly sexualised comments


one of the common accusations made against renouf is that his targeting, and much of his political bullying are racist. we are not going to track down “evidence” of Renouf’s anti-native comments that he made repeatedly in Vancouver. and we’re not going to give you screenshots that are evidence of his white supremacist arguments about reverse racism, which are at the core of much of his targeting.

Renouf has blogged extensively against the anti racism march in Vancouver, and has made many public comments calling one the march’s lead organisers a “racist.” his entire basis for this is rooted in a fundamental belief he seems to have that “identity politics” constitute “reverse racism.”

well, there is no such thing as reverse racism, and people who deny the politics of identity are essentially actively working to reinforce systems of white supremacy. here are some links to articles/blogs that might explain all this (i found these w a really quick search–if someone wants to send a better source, feel free). this blog, however, is not about converting racists, it is about alerting communities to the presence of dangerous people creeping in their neighbourhouds. we dont have to convince racists that they are racist in order to do that; we just need to keep them out.

A Look at the Myth of Reverse Racism, Tim Wise, June 2002

Diversity Training, Shakti Butler, University of Delaware, August 2007

A Message from an Editor to Racist Whites…, Ikonoclast, April 2011

Reverse Racism? I Dont Think So, Brown Grrlz Project, February 2012

and, for those who might read this and might be serious about being part of communities of resistance, about being part of communities that are actively engaged in organising for social justice, in addition to the above links, here is another great resource for you: The Ally’s Toolkit. this web page is full of links and is useful for people who want to learn how to be better allies and to deal with their own identity as individuals who are part of larger communities that we all need to be accountable to.

The Ally’s Toolkit:

  1. here is an excerpt of a reply i sent in response to a series of emails from Patrick Ross (

    “…just so you know, left out of that piece was any reference to the fact that renouf has, on multiple occassions, harrassed individuals by sending them hundreds of emails, incessantly mentioning them on twitter and starting entire threads and discussions devoted to bullshit about individuals who are active and integral members of organising communities. he has a right to shit talk them, but not to also demand access to community space. some of these women actually are scared for their safety, and i would actually expect someone like you to appreciate something like that. anyway, you’re more than entitled to think im an idiot and to say so on the internet. i hope there is no actual threat of physical confrontation bw us, cause thats not what im interested in. and i hope you can recognise our right to tell Renouf that we don’t want him in our community.”

  2. Bonnie Dillinger said:

    this proves nothing. maybe he went to see what the truth was. lame.

  3. This is a comment received from Sakura Saunders, in response to a libelous and factually incorrect blog post that Renouf wrote about her; he has refused to post the comment. *update: since being called out on this blog and on facebook, for not posting the comment below, Renouf has now posted the comment.*

    Greg, I do not intend to start a dialog with you so this will be the last time I comment on this blog. I just feel forced to address the lies that you are telling with your poorly-researched conspiracy theories, so I will write something brief now. And just to clarify, the GA tonight did vote and pass a proposal to endorse a statement saying that you are not only not allowed in our organizing spaces, but we will withdraw endorsement for any action that you help organize. The statement also spelled out the reasons that the GA made this decision, explaining the ways in which you have repeatedly harassed Occupy TO organizers. There were about 40 people that endorsed this, with 3 blocks, and 1 stand-aside.

    Now, to clear up some of the lies that you have posted about me and my campaign,
    • Protestbarrick receives no money from Soros and has absolutely no association with the Tides foundation. This is a big oversight considering it was the basis of your entire article about
    • I can only guess (considering it was obviously not any fact that compelled you to write that blog-post) that the post itself was an attack on me for standing up against your harassment of Occupy TO and Vancouver organizers. Seems like you make up political scandals for people that you don’t like.
    • you seem to tell these lies (like that my father is a banker? completely untrue!) to force people to respond to you and wrap them up in your political delusions. I will not get caught in this trap which is why this is the last time I will respond to you. It is none of your business to know anything about me or my family. You have proven yourself to be of bad intentions and I want to limit my interactions with you as much as possible. Please, leave me alone and stop posting about me. I used to say that I did not want to be at meetings with you because if I disagreed with you, you would target me in your strange theories and harass me online. You have now proven my point. I am asking you to stop now. Please stop.”

    Sincerely, Sakura

  4. I was uncomfortable with this proposal bring presented on April 9, at Cloud Gardens. My discomfort is there are many who feel this issue should not be aired in the general assembly, and that this has been dividing people on the basis of Process surrounding the exclusion of humans in a public space. There are legal systems in place to deal with this, if someone has grounds for a restraining order then please use it. Posting on “Girls gone wild” is not a valid characterization either, i’m sure lots of people are posting garbage on that page. Now, please do not fall into the belief that I support Greg’s actions, no. I feel this issue is a problem for everyone and that includes me, and so there needs to be an impartial occupy member to act as advisor to all concerned. I certainly do not wish to be considered as someone who should be targeted for associating with him, as it shows on this blog near the top about a mystery person who is “this new found friend”.

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