These men are dangerous: Blood and Honour pt.2

This post is probably a little late in coming.

In response to the very successful counter organising done by committed anti-racist organisers across the country, Blood and Honour have nonetheless been organising, spreading, and becoming increasingly violent. [for info about the March 24 actions in London and Edmonton, see this article from link]

Violent racist gang expands into Edmonton

National Post, April 17, 2012 (link)

Kyle McKee and Nathan Touchette

Kyle McKee and Nathan Touchette

Members of a Calgary neo-Nazi group, which forged a reputation as a violent racist gang, have worked for a year to replicate itself in Edmonton, and criminal charges revealed Tuesday suggest its tactics, too, have been transplanted.

Kyle McKee, 26, a leadership figure with Calgary’s Blood and Honour who spearheaded its expansion into Edmonton, is among three men arrested after two Sikh men were attacked last month.

When police searched his Calgary home on April 12, they found two shotguns, two rifles, ammunition, and numerous knives and machetes, police said. It is unlikely the stockpile took officers completely by surprise, as Mr. McKee often posed for photographs holding guns as he stands in front of large Nazi flags…

Kyle McKee, Bernie Miller, and Others: Charged With Assault

Edmonton Sun, April 17 (link)

Two members and one associate of a white supremacist group have been arrested in connection with a recent racially-motivated attack.

On March 24, two males were attacked and assaulted late at night outside of a Mill Woods liquor store. One of the males was assaulted with a bottle of liquor.

The attack occurred on the heels of a White Pride Rally held in Edmonton on the same day. Just after noon, between 15 and 20 balaclava-wearing demonstrators belonging to the group Blood and Honour began marching along Jasper Avenue waving a huge white flag that read “White Pride Worldwide.”

They soon clashed with anti-racism protesters with some brief shoving and shouting before police stepped in to intervene.

Charged in connection with the liquor store attack are Kyle McKee, 26, of Calgary, Bernard Miller, 20, and Philip Badrock, 44, of St. Albert. Both Miller and Badrock are charged with assault causing bodily harm.

All three are confirmed to be involved with the white supremacist group Blood and Honour…

More on McKee and excuses for assault

Antiracist Canada, April 17 (link)

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