Greg Renouf

UPDATE: Greg Renouf banned from all Occupy Toronto events
link: Statement Against Greg Renouf, Passed by #OccupyToronto GA, April 9 2012
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Greg Renouf has, since being banned from #OccupyToronto by both the Marshalls’ Committee and the General Assembly (GA), has decided that for some reason the bans are illegitimate and he has declared that he intends to start showing up for GA meetings again. this is a problem.

We also know that Renouf recently attended a workshop put on by Tools For Change (sponsored by the very Ruckus Society that he, as part of his broader conspiracy theory, claims is a shill for the 1%).

Obviously we have not done a good enough job at explaining to people in our communities, the kind of threat that Renouf poses, and how important it is that we not let him into our organising and social spaces.

Here is a new picture of Renouf (as he currently looks), and a link to our original post about him.

This Man is Dangerous: Greg Renouf

We have also been contacted by, not only one or two of his remaining allies, but by a right wing blogger as well, whom Renouf seems to have recruited to his cause. Both his existing allies and this new found friend are all demanding “evidence” be provided of Renouf’s harassment. we still firmly believe that it is more than enough to provide evidence of his behaviour in the form of accusations against him made by women in our community, along with more than a hundred people who have signed on to statements demanding that Renouf be removed from community spaces. that said, we did imply in our original post about Renouf that we would provide more documentation about his misogynist and racist harassment and bullying of community organisers, so here it goes.


Renouf making explicitly sexualised comments about one of his "targets"

this is but one of several comments Renouf has made of an explicitly sexualised nature. we are only including one pic (as proof that he does this), and have removed anything that might incriminate or denigrate his intended target. This type of commenting is derogatory, demeaning, and misogynist, and is emblematic of Renouf’s approach to dealing w women whom he is targeting.

Renouf has, on multiple occasions used rhetorical reference to the once immensely successful and still exceedingly disgusting “Girls Gone Wild” franchise. Below is but one example to prove that he does this. we should not have to explain that to project this reference onto a female target is an obscenely misogynist action, and is an explicit sexualisation of those women whom he is targeting.

Renouf making more explicitly sexualised comments


one of the common accusations made against renouf is that his targeting, and much of his political bullying are racist. we are not going to track down “evidence” of Renouf’s anti-native comments that he made repeatedly in Vancouver. and we’re not going to give you screenshots that are evidence of his white supremacist arguments about reverse racism, which are at the core of much of his targeting.

Renouf has blogged extensively against the anti racism march in Vancouver, and has made many public comments calling one the march’s lead organisers a “racist.” his entire basis for this is rooted in a fundamental belief he seems to have that “identity politics” constitute “reverse racism.”

well, there is no such thing as reverse racism, and people who deny the politics of identity are essentially actively working to reinforce systems of white supremacy. here are some links to articles/blogs that might explain all this (i found these w a really quick search–if someone wants to send a better source, feel free). this blog, however, is not about converting racists, it is about alerting communities to the presence of dangerous people creeping in their neighbourhouds. we dont have to convince racists that they are racist in order to do that; we just need to keep them out.

A Look at the Myth of Reverse Racism, Tim Wise, June 2002

Diversity Training, Shakti Butler, University of Delaware, August 2007

A Message from an Editor to Racist Whites…, Ikonoclast, April 2011

Reverse Racism? I Dont Think So, Brown Grrlz Project, February 2012

and, for those who might read this and might be serious about being part of communities of resistance, about being part of communities that are actively engaged in organising for social justice, in addition to the above links, here is another great resource for you: The Ally’s Toolkit. this web page is full of links and is useful for people who want to learn how to be better allies and to deal with their own identity as individuals who are part of larger communities that we all need to be accountable to.

The Ally’s Toolkit:

Banned from both Occupy Vancouver and Occupy Toronto, Greg Renouf has been bullying and harassing women organisers in occupy spaces. He has displayed, on many occasions, deeply racist and misogynist behaviour. His behaviour falls into easily recognisable patterns and we believe that he poses a real threat to community safety.

This Man is Dangerous.                                Renouf at Occupy Vancouver.

This blog will document Greg Renouf’s racist and misogynist harassment and intimidation which has occurred over the last several months. However, we will try to conceal the identity of his targets where ever possible, and will not re-publish any of the nastier things that he has said and/or posted to the internet–things like explicitly sexualised derogatory comments about women who he has been harassing.

This post will be updated with hyperlinks shortly, and a whole section on Renouf will be built on this blog page over time.

We encourage you all–strongly, not to let Greg Renouf into any social justice or community organising spaces in your communities. he has already been barred from several organising and social spaces. Let’s help keep each other safe!