This meeting, in which the #OccupyToronto Marshalls Committee banned Greg Renouf from their meetings, and were planning to have him similarly banned from all General Assemblies, was passed well before the date Renouf was told he was no longer welcome in these organising spaces, and that his input on the GA decision would need to be registered in someway other than presence in the physical meeting space (which it was, via livestream), because his presence in organising spaces has been noted repeatedly as making those spaces unsafe.

Occupy Toronto: Notes from February 22, 2012 meeting

We the Marshal Committee at our meeting of February 22, 2012, hereby impose a ban on Greg Renouf’s participation in our Marshal meetings, as well as would like to propose to the General Assembly to also ban this individual from Occupy Toronto. This is due to reports of said individual attacking on other occupiers whom he disagrees with, including accounts of calling police on them for cannabis use, threatening to have police take away their children, calling their employers to get them fired, sending messages to the police that generally endangers the movement, and targetting a young woman of colour with constant harassment in the context of being a large, tall, older white man who uses the police to eliminate his opponents. We feel these accounts of his conduct are credible, the petition against his behaviour from Vancouver containing over one hundred signatures is real, and he poses a threat to the safety of our fellow occupiers, our marshals, and the wider occupy movement.

Occupy Toronto Marshal Committee Meeting of February 22, 2012

Present: Wilsun, Jugundu, Ian, Tre, Brandon, Alice

[consensus reached]

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