The undersigned Toronto community groups and organizations have felt the need to show a united front in condemning the actions of an individual trying to associate himself with Occupy Toronto, who has repeatedly refused to leave community organizing and social spaces while committing persistent acts of bullying and harassment. Bullying and harassment are forms of active violence that should not be tolerated within our movements.

Greg Renouf has been asked by wide range of people within the community (including respected community activists, lawyers, and journalists) to stop his behaviour and aggressive campaign of harassment particularly against women who are long time organisers and activists. Yet he continues to present his personal attacks, threats and persistent harassment as efforts to expose some imagined ‘conspiracy’ against him. Attempts to explain to him that his behaviour is abusive and unacceptable have been ignored.

Despite having been banned by both Occupy Toronto and Occupy Vancouver, Renouf continues to force himself into community organising and social spaces surrounding both. He has also lied about those whom he is targeting, has made sexualized derogatory comments about women in these communities, has repeatedly threatened and also reported others to the police for preposterous allegations, has viciously and obsessively attacked those who have tried to hold him accountable, and is creating an unnecessary climate of division.

We feel this situation is unacceptable and it is now necessary to speak out. After almost six months of this behaviour, we are taking decisive action. Such abusive and harassing behaviour should not be tolerated within our movements.

Therefore, Mr. Renouf will be excluded from any of our meetings or events for an indefinite period of time. Before the exclusion is lifted, there must be at least sixty continuous days without further attacks or harassment.

These attacks or harassment activities currently include:

(1) calling or otherwise reporting activists to police and other law enforcement,
(2) continually emailing and tagging women in social media forums who have made it clear they aren’t interested in further conversation. This includes commenting on-side in situations where other abusive people are engaged in abusive or harassing commentary.
(3) constantly writing articles (many of which are either inaccurate or libelous) to denigrate or “expose” activists or journalists who disagree with him or challenge his harassing behaviors,
(4) making sexualized references about women and queer activists, which includes referring to women who have complained as “bitches” or derogatory jokes about “bitch slapping” women he doesn’t like,
(5) attempting to attend or crash meetings or events where it has been made clear his presence isn’t welcome on account of such abuse,
(6) continually attempting to debate “black bloc” tactics where this is clearly not otherwise being discussed, contemplated, or engaged,
(7) other activity not specifically mentioned here, but which would otherwise clearly count as abuse or harassment.

As such, until this campaign of abuse and harassment stops, Mr. Renouf’s attack articles are removed from his blog, and until Mr. Renouf acknowledges his actions to be harmful, the undersigned individuals and organizations affirm the following:

(1) We will not tolerate Mr. Renouf’s presence at any of our meetings or events
(2) We will remove our endorsements from any events or groups that allow or facilitate Mr. Renouf’s participation
(3) We will encourage our members and allies to leave those groups and events which allow for his participation.

Mr. Renouf will be excluded from any of our meetings or events for an indefinite period of time. Before the exclusion is lifted, there must be at least sixty continuous days without further attacks or harassment.

Occupy Toronto Feminists’ Committee
Occupy Toronto General Assembly
Occupy Toronto Marshals’ Committee
Community Solidarity Network
Ladies Anarchist Solidarity Society
Common Cause Toronto
CUPE 2073
Greater Toronto Workers Assembly – Feminist Action Committee
Occupy London (Ontario) General Assembly

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